Wednesday, December 28, 2011

No more Potter.

This morning, I eagerly wondered what would happen in the world of Harry Potter today. I thought back to the horror of meeting Voldemort in the cemetery at Little Hangleton, to the delight when Sirius wrote the note giving permission for Harry to visit Hogsmeade, to my giggles imagining the charming arrogance of young James and Sirius taking their O.W.L.s, to the pain of watching Draco's slow transformation from rude child to dangerous bully to someone who's actually human. What would I experience today?

And then, with a stab to my chest, I remembered it was over. There was nothing left. I consumed the final page of Deathly Hallows last night at 2 AM. Never again would I experience the same thrills that I've had for the past several months. Never again would I finish one of those chapters, only to read the final sentence and feel an intense longing to keep reading, to continue the journey, to find out what happens.

Normally, one read is enough for me. When I finish a book, I feel a strange rush of pride; I suffered many years of the "I don't like to read" phenomenon in my adolescence--which is why I never experienced Hogwarts earlier--so actually finishing a long novel gives me an immense sense of accomplishment. I close the book, look at all the pages I have finished, smile to myself, and set the book back on its place on my bookshelf, where it will sit for a long time, probably never to be read again.

Never before have I felt such a desire to reread a book. I keep thinking back to those early books in the series, and reminiscing the happy, innocent tone of them, and realizing I have so many gaps in my memory about what actually happened in them. I want to relive it.

But this isn't an option. My bookshelf still contains a couple dozen books that are starved for attention, that have been calling my name for several years, that were offended by my decision to skip my planned reading list and immerse myself into the world of Harry Potter. Yes, there is still so much left to read. I need to move on.

...But moving on doesn't mean I won't be visiting Wizarding World of Harry Potter after graduation with Tiffany. ;)

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  1. Yeah, same happens with me while I indulged in any interesting book and imagine the situations and just close it whenever I feel too occupied or scared at some point. One day we might get a chance to peep into your bookshelf and share some of readings.