Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm taking my oats elsewhere...

Well, I finally did it. After months of deliberating, I made another blog. It's called The Oatmeal Artist, and it's my new home for oatmeal recipes. Ever since I posted "The Oatmeal Addict" back in December, my blog has slowly changed more and more to a consistent string of porridge posts. Additionally, if you look at my list of most popular posts, the oatmeal ones seem to reign supreme.

So anyway, at the moment the new blog is extremely simple. The design is basic, and I merely transferred all my oatmeal recipes over there. I plan on editing the posts over time, taking new pictures (I need prettier bowls), and finding a consistent way to present the actual recipes, especially regarding the multitude of optional ingredients I typically add, such as flax and coconut oil.

Sometimes, I worry that I'm being too noncommittal, but ultimately, who cares? As much as I love cooking in general, nothing matches my love for porridge, and it's something I'm actually good at. I have a lot of practice with porridge. It's my specialty, you know? When I post other recipes on here, I'm usually "meh" about it because I don't know if others will like it as much as I did. On the other hand, when I post oatmeal recipes, I feel a surge of pride. I know it rocks.

I do not think I will delete this blog (because I'm too proud of the Food Revolution badge), but I'm not sure if I will continue posting here. We'll see. :)


  1. Hey, we all grow and change..and sometimes our blogs can't grow, so they have to change. ;)

  2. Way to find your niche and embrace it! Looking forward to reading the new blog =)